Shoe repairing and hand made shoes since 1875

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Shoe Repair

Frank Harvey’s have been repairing shoes for the last 130 years and have been repairing shoes and boots for quality high street brands and dealing directly with our own customers aswell. We have the ability to repair almost any type of footwear that is in the market place today. The materials have been tried and tested over the years with many modern quality components always being introduced.

Having fully trained shoemakers and gifted craftsmen (some with over 50 years service) is a big asset to Frank Harvey’s because we do understand how shoes are assembled which means we understand exactly how shoes need to be repaired.

Once your shoes arrive at Frank Harvey’s our trained staff will make the necessary checks to ensure the repair is possible. At this stage, you will be contacted regarding the repair, cost and timescale and payment will also be requested at this stage. The repair will then be processed and passed on to the craftsmen who specialises in that particular area. It is at this stage that the shoe will have the relevant item carefully removed and a new one is then prepared. The new item is then carefully and skilfully attached. Vigorous quality checks are then undertaken and then prepared for the finishing stages. We have a dedicated team of craftsmen who specialise in our finishing department to ensure the highest standards possible are achieved by using both modern and traditional techniques wherever possible. Once this has been undertaken the shoes are then subjected to further quality checks and then prepared for despatch.

What we can do at Frank Harvey in brief

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Frank Harvey's also undertake work on behalf of many independent shoe shops and heel bar chains.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at Frank Harvey's.